Island Medical Research

Our mission is to give patients the opportunity to participate in programs that may utilize cutting edge medications, or develop new treatments to improve allergies and asthma!

Dr. Stanley Goldstein, the Medical Director of Allergy & Asthma Care, is also the Medical Director of Island Medical Research, P.C.  Dr. Goldstein personally supervises all clinical research programs and all patients remain under his care while participating in any of the programs.  He and his research staff are nationally certified research professionals, who are happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding any of the allergy and asthma programs that are currently enrolling.


Participation in clinical trials is free.  There is no cost to you or your insurance company.

Additionally, all study related medications, office visits, lab tests, EKGs, skin tests and breathing tests are free.


All subjects will be compensated for their time and travel.  The amount of compensation will vary depending on which clinical trials you are participating in.  Trials may require weekly or monthly visits over a few weeks or a few months.  You will be fully informed of all details and have the option to withdraw from a study at any time, for any reason.  


All studies are done under strict FDA guidelines and are always designed to ensure patient safety.  Additionally, all studies are approved by an accredited ethics committee.

The term “clinical trial” is really just an opportunity to take part in a tightly controlled test that measures the effects of a medicine or treatment device.  Sometimes the research program studies new combinations of medicines or therapies, the method amount you take or how you take them (as a pill or an inhaler), or a comparative study between already approved therapies.  

We are happy to have the ability to offer patients the opportunity to better understand their asthma or allergic condition while receiving study related medical care in a friendly, personalized atmosphere.

Feel free to discuss these options with Dr. Goldstein, or his staff at
516-536-4863 or email [email protected].


Below, you will see the different opportunities we have available at this time.

Study Opportunities

Ongoing Asthma Trials

Pediatric Allergy Study:  Boys and girls 6 – 11 years old with allergies

Adult Allergy Study:  Males and Females 12 years of age and older

Adult Asthma Study:  Males and Females 18 to 75 years of age